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Good Topics for Personal Finance College Papers. Personal finance topics range from financial decisions that affect your current life to those that will affect your future, such as retirement plans and investment opportunities. Select a topic that's related to a potential career path you might follow, or choose a subject you know little about. Accounting Research Paper Topic Ideas for Your Writing. When you deal with the accounting, it is necessary to consider the slightest details. Each paper should be supported by the approved facts and examples. Thus, a student is supposed to carry out in-depth research. However, the way the research will go is predetermined by the chosen topic. New research on finance from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including corporate investment, governance, and accounting management.

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Professor Stefan Thomke discusses how past research paper topics on finance and intuition can be misleading when attempting to launch an innovative new product, service, business model, or process. Instead, Booking. Open for comment; 0 Comment s posted.

Read the Transcript. Ariel Dora Stern asks whether "value-based pricing" should become the standard elsewhere. Open for comment; Comment s posted. Despite the rise of alternative trading platforms, high-touch broker trading remains prominent in institutional equity markets.

The authors analyze how fees, research, quality of execution, and information can help explain how execution decisions and preferences vary across investors. Can inclusivity, sustainability, and better governance boost economies? This paper explains how three types of domestic Chinese capital—state capital, private capital, and crony capital—differ in political vulnerability and pursue globalization in different ways.

All prefer capital openness, but they do so for different reasons. Mihir Desai explains how managers can increase their understanding of how finance works. In India, the Golden Quadrilateral highway network connects four major cities.

This study of the relationship between the infrastructure project and development of the local financial sector finds that, in districts along and near the GQ, initial levels of financial development shaped how, and where, infrastructure investment could jumpstart real economic activity. Online sellers in many emerging markets are in the early stages of a shift from cash-based payments to digital payments.

Findings from this study of a leading Indian online retailer show that firms may enjoy gains from consumer demand on top of operational gains resulting from payment digitization. More and more nontechnology companies are adopting digital technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning.

This study of the economic performance of nontech firms adopting new digital technologies finds a persistent future increase in valuation. However, research paper topics on finance, investors only slowly incorporate the value implications of digital activities into prices.

Nontech companies with senior executives with tech talent improve performance more than those without. This study develops a model of a credit market feedback loop, finding that when investors become more bullish this can predict positive returns in the short run, even if expected returns become more negative at longer horizons.

Consumer inertia is the tendency of some customers to buy a product, even when superior options exist. Alexander J. MacKay discusses how research paper topics on finance habit affects competitive strategy and even regulatory oversight. It's becoming more difficult for investors to sue corporate auditors. The result? A weakening of trust in US capital markets, says Suraj Srinivasan.

Without the burden of student loan debt, people seek higher-paying careers, stabilize their finances, and contribute to the economy, says Marco Di Maggio. Are product sales affected by the CEO's stance on political and social issues? Michael Toffel and Aaron Chatterji study how consumers react to vocal chief executives. Since the financial crisis, bank boards have not improved their cultural or gender diversity compared to other companies, nor are they better qualified than before the crisis, research paper topics on finance.

Outside directorships of bank directors and the extent of CEOs also being Chairman also research paper topics on finance the same. However, there is some evidence of better risk oversight both from managers and the board. Mobile payment apps help us keep track of shared costs but may also frustrate personal relationships. Amazon's power in the retail sector puts price pressure on what competitors charge, with implications for how federal regulators govern inflation, says Alberto F.

Innovative about creating new products, research paper topics on finance, entrepreneurs often lose imagination when it comes to funding their dreams. Andy Wu reveals alternatives beyond friends and family.

Around the corner: The transformative benefits of AI and big data. Readers lined up to comment on James Heskett's question on whether federal deficit spending as supported by Modern Monetary Theory is good or evil. This paper challenges the logic that making it easier for consumers to search research paper topics on finance a wide assortment of products is the best strategy for online retailers.

Experiments show that adding extra search costs to find discounted items can improve gross margins and sales by increasing the number of items inspected and serving as a self-selecting price discrimination mechanism among customers, research paper topics on finance. A podcast featuring faculty discussing cases they've written and the lessons they impart.

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research paper topics on finance


RESEARCH TOPICS IN FINANCE. Each of the following link represents a broader area which can be further explored by clicking on it. Firm Performance in Association with Dividend Policy and Firm. Jul 28,  · Good Financial Paper Topics to Hook the Reader. Investor Risk Preferences and Tolerance This research paper attempts to find out if variables such as gender, age, occupation and marital status make a difference in investor risk preferences and tolerance levels. This research paper also examines variables such as income, race. May 18,  · Just a couple of dissertation topics in finance: Managing risk in an investment bank. Reducing instances of identity theft and fraud in online banking. How financial services and credit are important for investment purposes and the growth of individuals. The latest developments in financing as a service provided by banks.