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Nov 06,  · I half agree. On one side, most of the successful Euros have been picked mostly based on their physical tools (i.e. Porzingis, Giannis, Frank (still a question mark I know), Gobert, Nurk) or extreme edge cases (Jokic, Marc). The Report card is out. Which NBA teams maximized their draft positions and which teams were spinning their wheels. >> read more. Draft Day: Instant Analysis. Rookie Wire NBA Mock Draft: An early look at the class. MarJon Beauchamp will skip college to train for NBA Draft. Get the latest NBA news, photos, rankings, lists and more on Bleacher Report.

The Ringer's NBA Draft Guide

Up until June 20, this will be the hub for all of your draft needs. There is a two-round mock that will be constantly updated to account for the latest news and developments. The draft order is set, nba mock draft bleacher report, and we know the favorites to land consensus top prospect Zion Williamson. But what comes next? Find out by returning here early and often. That's why State Farm is sponsoring this year's assist stat. Talk to a State Farm agent today to draft a top prospect to your team.

Where does your favorite player rank? With June 20 fast approaching, The Ringer is maintaining a regularly updating mock draft. Zion Williamson is the biggest prize, but plenty of other intriguing prospects are on the board. Who will your team land? Athletic wonder and clever playmaker who needs to develop his jump shot and curb turnovers to unlock his true star potential.

Unflashy 3-and-D forward who will translate in the NBA as a multipositional defender and reliable spot-up shooter. Here are a handful of the best passers of the class, all across the positional spectrum, because an assist can come from anywhere. Morant is an elite passer who can get wherever he wants to go on the floor and pick apart a defense Jarrett Culver: Culver, nba mock draft bleacher report, a 6-foot-7 and pound sophomore combo forward, nba mock draft bleacher report, was the leading scorer Not many 6-foot players could average more assists 2.

Grant Williams: Tennessee ran its offense through the junior forward, who averaged Williams could thrive making plays as the roll man in the two-man game, much like Draymond Green. Nickeil Alexander-Walke r : Alexander-Walker showed he was more than just a shooting nba mock draft bleacher report this season, going from averaging 1.

Vibrant score-first guard who can shoot from all over the court and has shown imaginative playmaking skills. Versatile wing who can fill myriad roles and has a lane to become a primary shot creator if his handle keeps improving. Polarizing prospect who looks the part of a future star scorer, but his production leaves much to be desired.

Athletic center whose experience playing wide receiver in high school has given him the ideal tools for a rim-running big. Unpolished physical specimen with the potential versatility at the forward spots to be a mismatch nightmare if his skills continue to develop. He was a volume 3-point shooter White is the rare point guard who projects as a plus outside shooter with the size and athleticism to be a multipositional defender at the next level.

He was a score-first player at UNC, where he averaged His job was to push the pace and hunt for his own shot at every opportunity, and he played with a reckless abandon that often got him in trouble. The team that drafts White will need to get more playmaking from other positions.

But while he may not be as effective a primary option in the NBA as either Morant or Garland, his superior combination of size, athleticism, and shooting ability could make him a more valuable secondary option. A weak draft class means that teams in the lottery might be better off looking for a Robin than a Batman. Natural scorer at the wing who must refine his decision-making and jumper for his effortless offensive talents to translate in the NBA.

Shooting is a premium skill in the NBA, and Herro displays the potential to be a dynamic shot maker and a well-rounded two-way player. A super-versatile defender who plays team-first basketball and has made encouraging progress on offense. Strong-bodied center with a versatile offensive skill set, but needs his feet to catch up with his mind on defense. Strong, stylish scorer who flashes the skills to someday become a star, but needs to put all the pieces together.

Drafts are rife with pseudoscience. All the data we compile about prospects brings us no closer to actually knowing what they will contribute to NBA games. And while decades of anecdotal evidence have nba mock draft bleacher report baselines for what are now considered ideal positional attributes, each draft offers new wrinkles that alter the way we evaluate young athletes, nba mock draft bleacher report.

Out of the mortals in the draft class, I find Jarrett Culver to be the most interesting case study in how much stock teams put into physical attributes, nba mock draft bleacher report. The do-it-all swingman is listed at 6-foot-6 on the Texas Tech team database.

Yet he can appear both bigger and smaller than that, depending on the situation. There were nba mock draft bleacher report moments when he seemed to minimize himself on drives, all while creating separation with his hips. Culver has an angular frame: broad shoulders that pare all the way down, with long arms and legs.

He causes havoc with those appendages. A player with his skill set at 6-foot-6 is more or less par nba mock draft bleacher report the course; think Evan Turner.

A player with his skill set at 6-foot-8 or taller! The camera adds 15 pounds and 1, nba mock draft bleacher report.

I'm just as disappointed as you are. A tall, lanky center who projects as a super-switchable defender and versatile offensive player—if he develops his jumper. Massive physical specimen like his father, Manute Bol, though nba mock draft bleacher report has far more offensive upside. His medical report will make or break his draft stock. Three notable draft prospects who have generated buzz despite significant injuries or, in one case, not having played basketball at all.

Bol, nba mock draft bleacher report, the son of Manute Bol, was a polarizing figure in NBA circles even before his season ended in December with a broken bone in his foot. The stretch 5 has an absurd combination of size 7-foot-2 and pounds with a 7-foot-8 wingspan and shooting ability 52 percent from 3 on 2, nba mock draft bleacher report.

Throw in the troubled injury history of supersized big men and Bol may have as wide a range of potential outcomes as anyone in this draft. His freshman season at Vanderbilt ended after five games when he went down with a torn meniscus, nba mock draft bleacher report.

He had more turnovers than assists at Vanderbilt, but does that mean anything when dealing with a limited sample size of only minutes? And how can scouts judge his basketball IQ from shooting drills in an empty gym? Bazley is a blank slate. The expectation among most NBA scouts was that he would spend multiple seasons at Syracuse polishing his game. Instead, Bazley opted to skip college entirely and spend the season working out with private trainers. Versatility is king in the NBA, nba mock draft bleacher report, and he has all the tools to be a malleable two-way wing if his raw skills continue to develop.

Talented playmaker and shooter who moves at 3G, but his mind calculates actions on the floor at 5G. Wiry, hard-nosed guard with 3-and-D upside, though his skills are largely underdeveloped, even as a senior.

Bowling-ball scoring forward who projects as a versatile defender, though his potential will hinge on the consistency of his jump shot. Many NBA teams believe that the draft that has long been prophesied is on the horizon.

It will be a draft in which every first-round pick has lottery value, a draft that is virtually guaranteed to go down as the greatest of all time. This rule was installed in because … uh, David Stern wanted it. As NBA teams have come to understand the value of tanking and fans have accepted throwing away full seasons in the hope of attaining future success, the Double Draft has been talked about like a second coming.

But so far attempts at gaming the system to secure prime Double Draft picks have failed. All draft analysis is essentially potentially inaccurate prophesying. Dreaming nba mock draft bleacher report the Double Draft is the grandest prophecy of all. Team-first player who runs the show nba mock draft bleacher report the post in college but will need to expand his game to the perimeter at the next level.

Looks the part of a super versatile player with his long arms and athleticism, though his raw skills make him a gamble. Fluid athlete who looks the part of a stretch big, but his shooting numbers and lack of physicality leave much to be desired. There have not been many prospects like Thybulle in the history of the NBA draft. His senior season at Washington breaks all of the statistical models: A 6-foot-5, pound guard who averages 3. Thybulle is a fairly limited offensive player who should be able to shoot just well enough to stay on the floor career NBA teams are entering uncharted territory with Thybulle, an exciting but also scary place to be when it comes to prospect evaluation.

Unusual athlete who has the body to defend large players and the raw skills to play guard on offense. Undersized with a knack for performing clutch moments; he projects as a classic sixth man scoring guard.

A power wing built like an NFL defensive end, with shot-creation skills plagued by iffy shooting and decision-making. Modern wing with enviable height, length, athleticism, and knockdown shooting ability, though his defensive effort and fundamentals must improve. Combo forward with all the physical tools to succeed, but is marred by his inconsistency and lack of physicality. Fearless shooter who improved significantly in college as a ball handler and defender, but remains a streaky player.

Score-first point guard with a tight handle and deep range who can carve out his spot nba mock draft bleacher report the league as a shot-making spark plug. Jumbo ball handler who controls the tempo and has natural feel, plus the versatility to defend multiple positions.

Skilled big who spaces the floor and does all the little things offensively, but has torn his right ACL twice in six months. Fits the blueprint of a modern big with his shooting ability and effort level, but his lack of athleticism could hold him back.

College standout who projects as a role player able to hit spot-up 3s and make selfless plays off the dribble. Analytics darling whose game impresses with his natural feel as a scorer and playmaker, though he lacks one defining strength. Big wing who defends with heart and has feel on offense, though he must prove his 3-ball is for real.

Score-first guard who must mature his playmaking chops, but could thrive as an energizing scoring presence. Danny Chau's Big Board. Jonathan Tjarks's Big Board. How much do you want to know? Mock Draft Updated 6.


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nba mock draft bleacher report


NBA Mock Draft NEW: Dynasty Rookie Rankings NEW: Mock Draft Update NEW: NBA Mock Draft Update. Follow @NBAdraftRoom # LaMelo Ball NBA Draft Scouting Report. NBA Mock Draft Update. NBA Mock Draft Update. Shareef O'Neal NBA Draft Scouting Report. Jalen Green NBA Draft Scouting Report. Nov 06,  · I half agree. On one side, most of the successful Euros have been picked mostly based on their physical tools (i.e. Porzingis, Giannis, Frank (still a question mark I know), Gobert, Nurk) or extreme edge cases (Jokic, Marc). Welcome to The Ringer’s NBA Draft Guide. Up until June 20, this will be the hub for all of your draft needs. It includes detailed scouting reports by Ringer staff writer Kevin O’Connor and Big Board rankings from our draftniks O’Connor, Jonathan Tjarks, and Danny Chau. There is a two-round mock that will be constantly updated to account for the latest news and developments.