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cape canaveral fishing report

Wondering what‘s biting in Port Canaveral right now? Check out over recent Port Canaveral fishing reports posted by pro anglers. Jul 02,  · Greg uses his fishing experience and knowledge along with his wife’s statistical analysis to bring you the best fishing report available for Port Canaveral. Greg will give you the honest truth on how the fishing has been along with his best prediction of what to expect by using all of this Range: $ - $1, Sep 03,  · Spacefish is a community-drive online fishing publication that focuses on fishing Florida's Space Coast. At its core is a weekly fishing report, featuring the insight of a dozen local fishing professionals. Topics covered include offshore, inshore, surf, jetty, and pier fishing, from Sebastian Inlet to Port Canaveral.

Spacefish Report: Brevard's Best and Only WEEKLY Fishing Report

Last month was a bit of a rollercoaster ride cape canaveral fishing report epic fishing to kick the month off, a lull in the middle and right back on top to end the month. It seemed like you could have shot a spitball at the plotter and as long as it landed inside of ft of water you could stop the boat and catch fish, cape canaveral fishing report. King mackerel, cape canaveral fishing report, cobia, dolphin fish, mangroves, sail fish, sharks, cudas, cape canaveral fishing report, bonito, jack crevalle.

This was absolutely epic summertime fishing. As the month rolled on we did see a drastic decline of the bottom fishing. Slow bottom fishing in the summer typically coincides with thermo-cline conditions.

It was also getting a little difficult to track down the kings toward the middle of the month with some unexpected dirty water, cape canaveral fishing report.

It was definitely a very strange turn without having any major storms or sea conditions. The lull only lasted a week or so and we ended the month back on top with clean water and fantastic fishing very close in. Right now we literally have one large school of pogies inside the port that have taken a beating for a straight month and a sparse amount of threadfins on the outside of the shipping channel.

My only guess is that the bottom is cold but not cold enough that it has pushed cape canaveral fishing report bait our way. If that is not the problem then we unfortunately have something more sinister at work such as nonstop dredging, cruise ships, beach restoration, etc, cape canaveral fishing report, but I really hope they are just going to show up late or this is a off year.

All that being said the fishing near shore is fantastic when you can catch the bait. The buoy line holds the keys to the kingdom right now but I have to acknowledge the changes that I see, even if for no other reason than at very least it gets documented on this report.

The buoy line out of Port Canaveral holds the keys to the kingdom but cape canaveral fishing report did all the big fish go? Summertime live bait trolling for king mackerel was known for smoker king fish.

Every fish was 20 lbs or better but now we mainly just see 5 to 12 lb fish. I am happy to see a lot of them but something is off. Where are all the cobia? Are they hiding somewhere with the bait or are they also gone?

A few big ones and I am assuming they are following the one giant school of pogies they can find leading them into both the middle and back turning basins. The cape canaveral fishing report to catching these fish is bait and patience. Get up early and put a net on those pogies or troll some spoons along the beach and bring a couple blue fish back into the port for bait. This is a real treat and might not ever happen again. All the live bait trolling action you could ever want just outside the buoy line with kings, bonitos, jack crevalle, sharks and barracudas.

Tarpon are along the beach in a big way but right this minute it is very tough to match the hatch. I can only assume they are dialed into glass minnows because I have put live pogies and threadfins across hundred of them and not a sniff. These tarpon will turn on to pogies eventually but probably not until they show along the beach. Shark fishing will be really good with a lot of black nose sharks, cape canaveral fishing report, black tips and all different size hammerheads being caught.

This month the near shore forecast is the offshore forecast because that is where the action is. This has to be said for those who are taking their families on a fishing charter for Summer vacation or taking them out on their personal boat. I see this a lot where a group decides to charter and that one guy ruins it for everyone. Cape canaveral fishing report is especially over in the summer.

This time of year it HAS to be about calm oceans and fun fast action fishing. Maybe even give up fishing all together and just go grocery shopping.

We are all about the fun and keeping it exciting for everyone. We absolutely love taking families, friends, tourist and locals that just love to be on the water and catching cool fish.

I love a good mahi run or to pull on groupers and sight fish cobia. Like what is biting and have fun on the water. This is what we like to do here at Sea Leveler.

We like to have fun and just enjoy the day showing great people great fishing. We will fish for all species just be sure you have realistic expectations for yourself and your friends and family. Make sure everyone is on the same page on a charter or on a personal boat. Catching them should be easy with such few days. Trust your bottom machine and if the 5 days manages to fall on a full on thermo cline then you need to be the first cape canaveral fishing report big structure. Lighten up and float down into the suspended fish.

Hopefully they will be biting on the bottom. If the bottom bite turns back on then use large baits, cape canaveral fishing report. The bigger bait will result in a larger snapper allowing you to make the most of your 1 fish. Captain Greg has been fishing the waters of Port Canaveral and the Atlantic for over 30 years, cape canaveral fishing report. Greg and his team of full time captains fish well over cape canaveral fishing report each per year.

We have kept detailed catch history for every trip ran since You can access this history at www. Greg will give you the honest truth on how the fishing has been along with his best prediction of what to expect by using all cape canaveral fishing report this information. Capt Greg started fishing as a little boy with his mom in Labelle, FL.

They later moved to Cocoa, and he continued fishing in any water he could find, primarily the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville. Throughout his teenage years, he would save all of his money to get a ride on a party boat whenever he could. He met Capt Stan at the young age of 8 years old!

Stan and Greg fished every day together from Manatee Hammock where they both lived with their parents. They continued to be friends throughout school and both started working on the Ocean Obsession party boat right after highschool. One day, Greg decided to start a fishing charter business and he knew exactly the right man cape canaveral fishing report have at his side, Capt Stan.

Greg bought the first boat in and Stan agreed work with Greg. Over the years, Greg expanded the business to 4 boats. Greg added three more full time Captains, a good long-term friend, Capt Steve and another great fisherman, Capt Garren along with his brother, Capt Ronnie.

Greg is married to his high school sweetheart and they have 2 boys together. His wife and sons all love to fish with him on his days off. This blog is about the life Greg knows as a charter boat captain and fishing reports. He gets to see amazing sites, meet crazy people, cape canaveral fishing report, make dreams come true, and ride-out the few and far between bad days when every fish in the ocean seems to go away.

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cape canaveral fishing report


But when you mix some of the best fishing in Florida with views of the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, you have a recipe for some of the best - and most exciting - fishing on the east coast. And lucky for you, there’s a fleet of Cape Canaveral fishing charters ready /5(K). Since fishing conditions change from minute to minute we try to keep our reports as updated as possible. Unfortunately, Florida is a large state, so we try to keep our Cape Canaveral Fishing Report updated once a week. If you would like to contribute to the Cape Canaveral Fishing Report, feel free to email your fishing tips to [email protected] Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing Charter monthly report- August Well, right now I should be talking about how epic the red snapper season was, but instead, it .